Everyone has heard the mantra: Buy low, sell high.     It’s brilliant, why wouldn’t you sell something when its value has peaked in price?  Similarly, why wouldn’t you buy something when it’s as cheap as it can be?  It’s like the financial equivalent of, “drive safe.”     In the perfect world, obviously we… Read More

I’m going to keep things broad here-no discussions of index funds, real estate, Roth IRAs or taxable accounts.  This is more of a general discussion on what I feel is important to me, what I invest my money and maybe more important, time into.  There are a few financial topics, but there are many more… Read More

Those of you that have browsed my site will know that I am a big proponent of the various avenues available to bring in extra money.  Those of you that have not browsed my site, need to browse my site so I can tell you of the various avenues available to bring in extra money.  … Read More

It’s been a great year!  I am very fortunate in so many ways and am well aware that others aren’t quite as fortunate.  As I do every year around this time, I donate money to different charitable organizations.  Thanks to my Sponsors, I am able to give even more back this year!  Thanks to my… Read More