Up until this point, we’ve all probably gone through a similar journey.  Whether you’re a physician, dentist, nurse, pharmacist or physician assistant, you’ve spent countless hours reading, studying, learning, practicing, failing, stressing and hopefully now, finally enjoying your young medical career.  Most likely you’ve also created a significant size of debt to get to this point.  Now that you’re finally making money, this is a crucial period in your life to develop habits that will lead you toward wealth, happiness, financial independence and the opportunity to retire early (only if you want to!).


I’m an attending physician and have been studying personal finance along the side for at least 20 years.  My goal is to create a website that has all of the tools necessary for you to gain wealth, make sound financial decisions and most importantly be able to spend more time at home and less time at work.  My purpose is to provide an easy to follow framework for managing debt and accumulating wealth.  This site is dedicated to young health professionals, but these ideas could easily be attributed to other professionals that seek financial independence.


My Plan

  • As an Author– I want to engage you in an educational, relevant and hopefully entertaining discussion of key topics in finance today.  Often times I’ll provide my opinion or maybe a different spin on a particular issue.  I understand that everyone is coming from a different financial background as well as a potentially different outlook on what their future looks like.  I want to be able to provide the framework to make some of those tough decisions when it comes to managing money.


  • As a Giver– Following Physician on Fire‘s lead, I want to give back.  Around this site you will see various advertisements and sponsors (I promise no Pop-ups, ever!).  When you click on their links, they’ll give me a little bit of money and in turn I’ll give some to charity.  I’ll update my audience annually as to contributions made to various charities in this endeavor. 


  • As a Risk Taker– Now I am not really a big risk taker, I would consider myself as having more of a moderate risk tolerance.  But I’ve decided that in addition to donating to charity, a portion of revenue generated from this site will be invested in newer, maybe more risky investments such as Equity Crowdfunding and Real Estate Crowdfunding.  My goal here is to allow you to see from start to finish what this type of investment looks like-I will update you as I receive updates so you’ll be able to follow along.  If I make money, then great, that’s more to donate and invest down other riskier avenues so we can learn from.  If I lose money, well it wasn’t really my money to begin with, and luckily it wasn’t your money either so we’ll chalk it up as a learning experience for the both of us!