Goes together like peanut butter and jelly, right?  Perfect recipe for a Friday night, right?  Nicely fits into a diversified portfolio, right?  I sure hope so…   What?   As promised, I am venturing out into equity crowdfunding as I attempt to channel my inner Mark Cuban and invite you all to follow my journey.… Read More

The natural follow-up to: Buy Low. Sometimes High.      While I have the Yin-Yang thing going on with the titles of these article, the premises are different.  With buying, the only way to know whether you’ve made a good purchase is to know the future price, which isn’t possible.  With selling, you know whether… Read More

Everyone has heard the mantra: Buy low, sell high.     It’s brilliant, why wouldn’t you sell something when its value has peaked in price?  Similarly, why wouldn’t you buy something when it’s as cheap as it can be?  It’s like the financial equivalent of, “drive safe.”     In the perfect world, obviously we… Read More