What the deuce?!?   That’s right folks, I am talking about two types of money saving maneuvers: Save Money #1: spending as little as possible when making purchases through price competitions, coupons and rebates. Save Money #2: putting money you don’t spend into savings and investment accounts for your future.      Save Money on… Read More

Goes together like peanut butter and jelly, right?  Perfect recipe for a Friday night, right?  Nicely fits into a diversified portfolio, right?  I sure hope so…   What?   As promised, I am venturing out into equity crowdfunding as I attempt to channel my inner Mark Cuban and invite you all to follow my journey.… Read More

The natural follow-up to: Buy Low. Sometimes High.      While I have the Yin-Yang thing going on with the titles of these article, the premises are different.  With buying, the only way to know whether you’ve made a good purchase is to know the future price, which isn’t possible.  With selling, you know whether… Read More